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Creating a Tipping Point for Change – London and Worldwide

The 7 Graces Global Conference - London and Live Stream Can we heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell?

When we hear the words “London 2012”, most of us think of the upcoming summer Olympics, which will be kicking off this July. But the Olympics are not the only major event happening in London this summer. This June, London will also be the meeting point for a new community of business owners, marketers, journalists and consumers coming together with a common mission: to challenge and change “business as usual” for the sake of our society, our economy and our planet.

Where are they meeting? At a 3-day event called The 7 Graces Global Conference (7GGC) on 22nd, 23rd and 24th June 2012.

But it wouldn’t be very “global” if it were only in London. That’s why 7GGC Founder Lynn Serafinn, in collaboration with iMediaLibrary, will be opening up this important dialogue to the entire world via interactive live stream. That means you can truly become a part of this emerging global community no matter where you live (and it’s also a very “green” way to attend if you happen to live on the other side of the planet).

The 7 Graces Global Conference is neither a ‘trade show’ nor a training event. It is a meeting of minds where business owners, large and small, along with journalists, conscious consumers and members of volunteer groups will gather together to create a vision for the future of business, marketing and commerce.

The journey will be guided by a line up of 8 dynamic guest speakers from both the UK and North America, exploring the 7 Graces business paradigm along with an out-of-the-box look at creating sustainable local economies. This will be a highly interactive event, and there will be lots of breakout sessions, masterminding and networking. And because Lynn wanted to give those attending via live stream as close to the experience of the live event as possible, she and the guest speakers will also be hosting “Virtual Breakout Sessions” with their online audience throughout the 3-day live stream.

To read about the guest speakers and the topics they’ll be covering, visit the 7GGC event page at

The inspiration for 7GGC came from Lynn Serafinn’s book The 7 Graces of Marketing: how to heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell, which immediately shot to the #1 spot of books on business ethics and marketing when it came out last December. The book takes a bold and challenging look at our entire worldview, showing not only how marketing has influenced our spending habits and social behavior, but also how it has directly impacted our health and the delicate balance of our natural environment. The things Lynn discovered when researching the book felt so powerful to her, she knew this had to become a movement for change, and not merely words on the printed page.

She says, “Positive change can only come about via three elements, the foundation of which we aim to create through the 7 Graces Global Conference:

  • Awareness raising/education
  • Community and mutual support
  • A ‘tipping point’ of key influencers who embraces this awareness and put it into practice in their own work and daily lives.”

Lynn and I would both like to invite you to become a part of this “Tipping Point”

Here’s who should attend the 7 Grace Global Conference…

  • Business owners from corporate executives to sole proprietors, who know that our current models of marketing and business are not serving society or our environment. Perhaps you have great ideas of your own to share, or perhaps you are looking for ideas. Or perhaps you are seeking collaborative opportunities with other ethical business owners.
  • Aspiring business owners, who might feel overwhelmed when faced with the coldness and disconnection of modern marketing and business networking.
  • Marketing professionals, who feel alienated and upset by the use of persuasion, invasion, deception and scarcity in so much of marketing today, but often feel like a lone voice against it within the industry.
  • Journalists, media professionals and creative artists, who are tired of having their artistic and professional integrity dictated or compromised by advertisers.
  • Members of non-profit and volunteer groups, whose focus is upon awareness raising around environmentalism, ecology, alternative energy, alternative economies, social responsibility, human rights, etc.
  • Conscious consumers, who want to help create a better world for their children, but feel alone against the rest of the status quo.

I hope you’ll join me, Lynn and the evolving community of value-driven people who are committed to creating a better world for our children’s children through our connection and collaboration. To register for the London event or the worldwide live stream, go to The 7 Graces Global Conference website at

Let the dialogue begin!