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Alpha Chick Author Mal Duane Q&A

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 9 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Mal Duane whose book Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power launches on Amazon on Tuesday February 14, 2012.

Mal Duane has triumphed over devastating life challenges to become an Alpha Chick extraordinaire. After having struggled with alcoholism as a young woman, Mal now has a dream marriage, a highly-successful business, and as a certified Professional Recovery Coach, is deeply involved with helping women discover and use their connection with the divine power to redefine their lives and step away from their pain. She also serves clients through the multi-million dollar real estate company that she built from scratch. As she strongly believes in educating women, she built a school in Konjila, West Africa that educates a hundred students annually, and created Holly’s Gift, an educational assistance fund, which will receive proceeds from the sale of each copy of Alpha Chick.

Alpha Chick, Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power is a model for any woman who dreams of having happiness, success, and fulfillment. It clearly guides the reader step-by-step in the process of becoming her own unique brand of Alpha Chick, using Mal’s simple 5-step formula for self-worth, freedom and transformation. The book is coming to Amazon on Tuesday February 14th, 2012 – Valentine’s Day. Mal says, “I chose Valentine’s Day because I wanted women to give themselves the gift of self-love on that day.”

Yesterday, Mal visited Michael Lawrience at, where they talked on the subject of shifting from pain to power, loving relationships and recovery.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Mal when I got to ask her some questions on helping others, her inspiration and spiritual practices. I hope you enjoy it.


Andrew Mondia: What is your view in the role of helping others?

Mal Duane: I feel in life that helping others to heal and to live life with joy is a key part of why we are here. There is a universal law of circulation that what you give out in life returns to you. By helping others you also help yourself to stay centered and strong. I talk about healing and helping as the fifth step of the Five Steps of Faith in the Alpha Chick Process. You recognize your own strength and vibration that you give to the universe when you are healed. When I reference the term “healed”, I am saying that you restore yourself to the perfect divine being you are meant to be, to live your life with joy and passion. Life presents you with challenges from which you should learn. Unfortunately, many times these lessons pull you from your path and consume you physically, mentally and emotionally. However you were given a divine guidance within that shows you the way to balance and clarity. Reinforcing your clarity comes from turning to others you know and sharing that guidance. We are all divine beings here to support one another in life.

Andrew Mondia: What inspired you to name the book Alpha Chick and write it?

Mal Duane: I was with a group of women one day and I recognized that each one of us had experienced serious loss or emotional setbacks in our lives. However, we were all living our lives as empowered and successful women. Our pasts were not holding us back. At that moment, I identified all of us as “Alpha Chicks”. We completely embraced the term. It was a perfect description of where we were in our lives.

For many months after that I reflected on the term “Alpha Chick” to get a very clear description of what I was feeling. An “Alpha Chick” is an awakened woman, a woman who is connected to a higher level of consciousness; she is the deliberate creator of her own life experience.

I suddenly realized that there was a powerful message for women in becoming Alpha Chicks. I could share with others the process that I have used for transforming my life from the chains of addiction and self-loathing to becoming an owner of a multi-million dollar corporation and a self-loving and happily married woman.  I had created a life that every woman would want. There is a simple and doable process I used for becoming an Alpha Chick. I knew if I could do it, then other women could do it. I decided to share every painful moment from my past so that women would fully understand the credibility of what I was saying. We all have the ability to make changes in our lives. It requires commitment, practice and finding a way to tap into our divine source of guidance.

Andrew Mondia: How can different forms of Spiritual practice helps others and what ones do you find help you?

Mal Duane:  I use meditation, prayer and journaling every day to become centered in my higher consciousness. A spiritual practice is something that you make personal to you. There is no wrong or right way, just what feels comfortable to you. You need to take time to slow the chatter of your mind down from the daily distractions so that your higher voice can come through and guide you on your path.  If you can create a sacred space for doing your spiritual practice, it helps you to connect to that inner voice you are looking for. I use a special chair in my home. I have a wonderful candle, some beautiful pictures of people who I love, a lovely small Buddha and beautiful mala beads I got as a gift. They are placed on a tray so if I need to move them, I can do so easily. This is my special place to meditate and connect daily to my divine guidance. Instantly, I am able to relax in my sacred space. The beautiful aroma of my candle helps me to connect to my heightened awareness.

At first you may be restless but with time the mental distractions slow down and open your mind to a different voice. You begin to experience the peace and love of the divine guidance emerging from your soul. A light begins to shine on your path and your ability to make choices becomes so clear to you. You start to stand in your power; you understand who you are and your true purpose for living. Everything starts to make sense and you begin to release those things that no longer support your journey. You understand for the first time that you are perfect just the way you are.


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